Hello Everyone. I've been having an issue with Exhange at work and I am looking for someone to clear a quick question up for me regarding this issue..

I use Evolution with the Exchange plug in at work because at my work, we test software and hardware and personally lead most of the Unix testing. The Linux distro I use is Fedora 10. Fedora works great but, Evolution has been having an issue sending emails via exchange lately. Basically, When I send a message, the message appears to be placed into my draft folder and when I send another email, it resends the email in the draft folder. For a bout a week, this was happening and all of my clients were receiving duplicate emails.. Very embarrassing.

So to sum it up, I send an email via Evolution through exchange. The actual email appears to be sent but, the email also gets copied into the draft folder. When I send another email, the emails in the draft folder all get sent again.. Kind of hard to explain

Why is evolution resending my emails without informing me?