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    Exclamation What is build-essential and xorg-dev?

    Hello guys, good afternoon.

    I'll just create a separate topic for this. The other day I downloaded a program but unfortunately I was not able to install it because I have to install the KDE before it will work. Some members here were trying to help and advice me to install the "build-essential" and "xorg-dev".

    My question is:
    1. What does these two have to do with installing?

    Hope to hear your answers guys.

    Take care and God bless.

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    Blackfooted Penguin daark.child's Avatar
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    Were you trying to compile someting from source? build-essential is whats called a meta-package i.e. a package that pulls many other packages for installation. It installs compilers, libraries and other packages that are essential for compiling packages from source. xorg-dev provides development libraries for xorg i.e. files needed to build packages that rely on xorg.

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    I'm trying to install Kregedit which is I already posted few days ago but it's already solved.

    I just want to know what's with build-essentials and xorg-dev. I mean what's inside with that softwares and why I'm gonna need it when installing tarballs files?

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    I guess daark.child's answer says it all unless you want really really technical answer. Somebody else may help you with that too.

    For me these are like building construction materials-bricks, mortar, cement, water...etc. Whether we choose to build places of worship or school or business complexes etc is upto us. But these are basic ingredients. If we purchase a already built building we dont get to know these things. Only when we build ourselves/supervise construction we come to know what all ingredients are required. Similarly if we purchase a nicely packaged software, an .exe or .deb or .rpm etc we dont know whats inside them. but when we try to compile by ourselves we come to know what all are required.
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    Ok thanks for the info guys. Big help gor us newbies!

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