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Thread: no unzip?

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    no unzip?

    How do you use unzip in Linux?

    I am sure it I(i.e. unzip utility) is installed. It created an image file out of a zip(ped) file. There's a newly created .img file. But, I need an .iso!

    I don't know what is going on so I boot up my XP partition. I'm done already! .ISO is created!


    This is what really bugs me about Linux.

    Yes, I googled how to unzip and it seemed straight forward. But, it doesn't work...

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    Sorry to reply to my own thread (before anyone else does) - btw, is this frowned upon? If so, I won't do it again.

    I wanted to ask another question, expanding on what I already asked. I am thinking now that 'unzip' only completes part of the process or if you will, the first part.

    I think I am supposed to use use mkisofs to convert the .img into a .iso file?

    How come 'unzip' in linux only completes part of it? Maybe there is an option I was supposed to use to make it use the mkisofs command?

    Well, I hope someone more experienced and maybe who has done this before can explain? I'd appreciate it. Well, back to google. :-/

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    Perhaps you should start with what exactly you're trying to accomplish. Unzip is, unless there is a secret usage I'm not familiar with, used to extract files from a zipped archive. It doesn't create image files at all.

    To convert img to iso, you can use ccd2iso or, I believe, acetone2

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    The zip/unzip commands only zip/unzip what you give them. If you got a .img file, then that was what got zipped in the first place. If you want, you can mount the .img file, and create an iso from that.
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