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    Help with make files

    Hi guys.. I am not sure where to post this question..

    I am using C++ and open gl to write a application. I compiled it using scons and I get the output .

    Now i need to switch to qt which means I need to get to make files. I wrote my .pro files which looked like what I am showing now


    TEMPLATE = app
    CONFIG -= moc
    CONFIG += qt

    CONFIG(opengl) {
    message(Building with OpenGL support.)
    } else {
    message(OpenGL support is not available.)

    TARGET = Rigid_Body_Simulation

    OBJECTS_DIR += ../bin/DEBUG
    MOC_DIR += ../bin/tmp
    UI_DIR += ../bin/tmp

    # Input

    HEADERS += ../include/BaseBodyDynamics.h\

    SOURCES += BaseBodyDynamics.cpp \
    globals.cpp \
    main.cpp \
    Matrix3x3.cpp \
    Primitives.cpp \
    Vec3d.cpp \

    INTERFACES += Rigid_Body_Simulation.ui

    QT += opengl
    LIBS+= -lGLEW -lGL -lGLU -L $(HOME)/GraphicsLib/lib -l GraphicsLib

    When I run qmake this generates a make file which when compiled throws up errors stating that Opengl is not found on my system. Can someone point me to where I have gone wrong???
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