I figured I'd ask this question here since my research hasn't turned up anything so far.

I'm trying to find a linux based alternative to certain functions of exchange, namely the email, contacts and calendar centralized functions, that would play well with evolution.

Setting up a IMAP mailserver seems the obvious choice for the mail side of things and I'm currently leaning toward a Postfix/Dovecot/SquirrelMail adaptation as outlined at linuxmail.info.

Bedework, a server working on CalDAV would seem to be interesting and could probably be made to work with evolution through its CalDAV plugin for calendaring support.

My stumbling point however is contacts. I know LDAP adress books can be used but that's more akin to a shared contact list for everyone from what I'Ve gathered. Every user has their own individual contacts that I'd like them to be able to store on the server in their own address book as a centrallized address book would become huge and messy. I haven't yet found indications LDAP is capable of this but I admittedly haven't played with it yet.

I know there are groupware servers like open-xchange out there as well that would be an all-in-one solution but since I don't need all of the advanced features of groupware clients, I'd rather just have the functionality I need if they can mesh well together.

Any suggestions or HOW-TO's that could help me out that I haven't yet stumbled upon ?

I should point out that even though I have extensive windows experience, I'm all but a newbie to linux so the simpler the better (and a management GUI for softwares would be a great plus).

Thanks for reading this far!