Seems like i'm getting into more problems trying to install apache and nagios on centos 5. I'm having trouble setting up apache as whenever i try to connect to the ip address it can't see the webpage.

I've gone into /etc/hosts to tweak the file as shown below (NOTE I'VE blanked a few key fields for security purposes. Someone more experienced did it for me anyway): nagios localhost.localdomain localhost
::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
192.168.30.XXX <fqdn here>

I also went onto wiki apache to solve the CouldNotDetermineServerName and changed the server name to say my IP address which solved my previous problem of not finding an fqdn. But still i can't see the apache page.

I can ping the IP address so i know its working. Just getting the apache page is proving more of a problem.

i should also mention that i'm using VMWARE to set up centos and the networking is on a bridged connection. Which may also be a problem, but i'm just unsure. Oh and i'm using the fedora quickstart guide found on the nagios website.

any advice? or what other files in linux i should tweak?