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    Proftpd add/edit/remove users?

    Just installed ubuntu server (no gui!) and with apache very shabbily setup, i'm trying to add users to proftpd.

    Just installed it and found out that it has a default user, who can view the whole filesystem. I cannot work out how to delete this or change it so its home is /var/www/ and the permissions are rwx, and add another user who has limited permissions for the same directory.

    As far as I can see is proftpd.conf does not handle any of the user accounts and permissions, so what does? and how can I edit them?

    The tutorials off google has been pretty useless to me...


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    ProFTP will use the system users as FTP users.
    so if you want to adduser to FTP, add user to system.

    But if you want virtual, FTP only user you need to use AuthUserFiles configuration.
    Here is one HowTo on that --> ProFTPD mini-HOWTO - Using AuthUserFiles

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    I assume this goes in the proftpd.conf config file? I cant get it to work using:
    username: password:uid:gid:gecos:homedir:shell

    let alone setting the advanced stuff such as permissions.

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