Anyone else hear about this? Yesterday, I was cleaning out my mom's Windows machine (Not Linux) and was prompted to update Quicktime by the apple software updater. During the install, my internet connection was killed. The drivers for my Netgear WG111T adapter were uninstalled and the connection type couldn't be found in the Network Connections section of control panel. I had to reinstall the drivers to get it to work.

After I reinstalled the drivers, and restarted my computer (Which means I fixed the problem and don't need help with that.), Quicktime wasn't updated; and I wasn't prompted again to update it.

I haven't found anything on CNET, The Register, or any Google searches about this. I was hoping someone on here had come across anything regarding this. Because I am clueless. (Which means I am just looking for a discussion about either A: If anyone else heard about this; and/or B: What they heard.)