Hi, This is Venkat, I am from Hyderabad, India.

We are a developing a Music Server called by us as MediaServer, using which we route audio to numerous outputs, This server is having an of Suse and then the plug ins we used are MPD(Music Player Daemon), Alsa and LAMP plugins. I am facing certain problem in Hyderabad for finding the right people to take our MediaServer to next level of development, at this time we have the following features which are working for us.
We can create as many as outputs or different players depending upon the sound cards, for a 5.1 channel sound card, we can create 3 stereo outputs and for 7.1 we can create 4 stereo outputs, same way we can create 8 mono outputs, each out put can be a music player, playing different music, like you can add music to individual player easily and then each player plays different music. So from one server we can create many outputs which are routed to different rooms in home or office or in any other place. Now the problem we have is with players and also with online radio, if we want to play a radio online one, we just search for radio stations and add the radio station into a single player, if wanted to play same radio in multiple players then we add to multiple players, and as each players acts different the streaming of same station at a time happens two times which creates delay in playing and then distortion, and also same problem we have for all players one single song playing them at same time, there is certain delay in the sound from each players. I have read some where using Jack Audio plug ins the streaming and synchronization issues can be solved but at this time cant find any who can help us with these developments, so kindly if you know some one who is expert in Sound engineering, hard ware and Linux OS we can work together and develop our next version of software.