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    Creating ISO from discs

    I have at my disposal computers using:
    Windows XP SP 3
    Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Gnome 3.5
    Mandriva 2009.1 KDE 4.2

    I bought a program that requires the cd to be in the drive to run it, but I don't want to be dependent on it, nor schlep it with me everywhere I go. So, I tried to make an ISO file of it.

    In Windows, using ISO Recorder I got an 00000017 error, which means that the disc is copy protected.

    Undaunted I went to Ubuntu and tried dd if=/dev/cdrom of=file.iso bs=1024. It copied 4 MB and then died, giving me an IO error, probably because of the copy protection.

    I moved on to Mandriva and tried Kiso. It copied over 3.9 MB lickity split and then seemed to stall but didn't. The drive light was still flickering, and the file size in the destination folder was creeping up ever so slowly.
    After 10 hours it had gotten to 50 MB and I gave up.

    Is there a way to create an ISO file from this disc?

    I am not trying to illegally copy anything, I just want ease of access, faster running time, and to not lose the disc or risk it getting damaged.
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    A lot of these copy protection systems are simply bad data placed intentionally on the disc. Some drives such as models from Plextor are capable of ignoring this data but as far as I'm aware the problem is in the drive's firmware and not within the operating system. You may be able to find some software, but my guess is that if you couldn't copy it bitwise with dd then you might be out of luck.

    A friend swears by using Isobuster on Windows though...

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    This sort of copy protection is a real PITA. Personally, I refuse to buy anything that requires a dongle or CD loaded in the drive, or internet access. That said, if you are running windows, you can try Alcohol 120% which will emulate the bad sectors on a disc when you copy it to your hard drive. You can mount it in a virtual CD/DVD drive and fool the software into thinking you have the actual CD/DVD loaded. It works for most sorts of copy protections. In any case, I think it is just about the best CD/DVD copy/backup program available for WIndows. Unfortunately, they don't support Linux, though it works in a VM just fine.
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