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    Mini_sendmail Command ?!


    Me as Linux n00b(well its starting to get better since a few weeks, succesfully installed/configured Nagios & apache) have a problem with a certain command.

    I installed mini_sendmail ( and i configured the .c file so that it communicated with oure domino smtp server. That works fine, i can send mail trough it and it arives OK. The problem is that i can only fill in the Subject of the mail. I cant find(searched on google for multiple houres) how the heck i can add the DATA(body) of the mail, this is the command that works ok but only fills in the subject:

    echo 'subject: Test' | /path/to/sendmail/mini_sendmail -v mymail@mydomain.whatever
    I tried alot, like adding
    echo | 'DATA: bladiebla' '.'
    afther the subject part.

    It just refuses to work, it even removes the subject if i add that so that i get blank mails.

    Im using Red Hat 9.0

    I hope someone can help me becouse this is realy starting to anoy me :P

    tnx in advance

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    OK, i figured out that i could use CAT

     cat /usr/text | /path/to/sendmail/mini_sendmail -v mymail@mydomain.whatever
    Text consisted of this:

    Subject: Test
    It succesfully filled in the correct subject and the body concisted of asdsa(etc.)

    Now i still cant figure out how to put this in the command line, i tried \n\n but it doesnt take it, maybe i need to use ASCII for it? (as in #13 for enter(or was it #9? :P).

    neway suggestions are very welcome...


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    Just for ur information, i fixed it myself using the PRINTF command instead of echo...


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