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    Is there a decent FTP client for Linux?

    Seriously! I need a decent FTP client for Linux. I am trying to convert almost everything over to Linux but this is one are that i can not find aa client i like well enough to discontinue using Bullet Proof on windows. I have tried several i use gftp themost but itcan be a serious pain in the following

    Everytime you start the program it resets all sorts of setting such as preserve file perisions comes on, and overwrite always goes off.

    Every transfer asks if you want to overwrite etc for each file.

    Filezilla seemed ok for the minute or so it ran but it crashes all the time.
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    Others just fall short in many areas.

    What /i need and would like the most is one that will

    1) watch a directory and transfer files that change (like Bulletproof) so that as I am writing new pages and changing existing ones they are transferred.
    2) Assume i am an adult (I thought that was what Linux is about) and can set options the way i want and have them stay.
    3) Stay connected while idle for more that a few minutes.
    4) Allow me to save bookmarks because i log into a fairly significant number of sites on a regular basis.

    What i don't need is a lecture on using the command line, i know how

    Please send suggestion along I really do need to find a decent FTP client, I don't even mind paying for it as i did Bulletproof if it does what i need.

    Thanks for the help

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    Welcome to the forums!

    You can find some options that might work for you here:

    FTP Clients | Linux App Finder

    I've always used gFTP and found it to be decent enough for my own needs.

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    I use Filezilla on Linux and Windows. Never experienced the crashes you mention. gFTP also seems to be quite good.

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    Konqueror (at least in KDE3.5) has a build in FTP client. It acts as though the FTP site is just any ol' directory on your machine. Drag'n'drop, split screen.
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    I use lftp and really like it. curl also works well for ftp and supports many other protocols as well.

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    I also prefer Gftp but Filezilla never crashed on my debian lenny.

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    gftp gets my vote too.

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