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    boolean_t in RHEL5

    Hi everyone!! I知 glad to be member of the most wonderful linux community!!I知 porting a product that has been installed in AIX and compiled with XLC to linux red hat with gcc as compiler!! itried to compile the .c files and generate .o files using makefile but now i知 blocking in difficult errors

    gcc -c -DLINUX -I/home/oracle/Open2/COMMON/inc -I/home/oracle/Open2/dbg -I. -I/home/oracle/Open2/ps/inc -I/home/oracle/Open2/ps/BOF/inc -I/home/oracle/Open2/ps/inc -I/home/oracle/Open2/com/inc -I/home/oracle/Open2/syu/inc -I/home/oracle/Open2/lng/inc -I/usr/local/oracle/9.2.0/precomp/public /home/oracle/Open2/ps/src_GUILIB/ps_guilib_check.c
    In file included from /home/oracle/Open2/ps/inc/ps_sdllib_data.h:88,
    from /home/oracle/Open2/ps/src_GUILIB/ps_guilib_check.c:51:
    /home/oracle/Open2/ps/inc/ps_parslib_parsers.h:365: erreur: expected =, ,, ;, 疎sm or 狙_attribute__ before 舛heckAndAssign_String
    /home/oracle/Open2/ps/inc/ps_parslib_parsers.h:376: erreur: expected =, ,, ;, 疎sm or 狙_attribute__ before 組et_send_log_flag
    In file included from /home/oracle/Open2/ps/src_GUILIB/ps_guilib_check.c:51:
    /home/oracle/Open2/ps/inc/ps_sdllib_data.h:297: erreur: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 礎oolean_t
    /home/oracle/Open2/ps/inc/ps_sdllib_data.h:368: erreur: expected declaration specifiers or ... before 礎oolean_t
    as u see there is something wrong with the definition of boolean_t so i bring here some of the .c code where the error is detected:

    boolean_t CheckAndAssign_String(unsigned char dst_string[],
    unsigned char *src_string,
    int max_len);

    void get_error_prod_mng(int *);
    void set_error_prod_mng(int );
    void reset_error_prod_mng(void);
    void set_send_log_flag(void);
    void reset_send_log_flag(void);
    boolean_t get_send_log_flag(void);

    as you see all the errors are related to the boolean_t definition am i right ?!!is the boolean_t type is not defined in the linux red hat.
    i will be grateful if u help me with this!!

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    Please move this to the Linux Programming and Scripting forum. You'll get more help there. In any case, you need to check the compiler defines required by the Oracle libraries for Linux in general (such as the -DLINUX that you used), and Red Hat in particular. Also, you didn't mention which version of Red Hat and the compiler that your are using, which can be of critical importance.

    Ok. I see now you are using RHEL 5. Still, no mention of the compiler version you are using.
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