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    A couple of post up zba78 gave you a link for mozilla (Firefox) that gives info on configuring the plugin for xine.

    If you use xine (as I do) then forget mplayer. Download gxine ( and go to to find out how to install the plugin
    You just need to read up on making symbolic links (google is your friend)

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    Are you referrring to Plugger cuz thats the only thing I see there that has anything to do with getting plugins to work with mozilla or Firefox. I checked my .mozilla/plugins directory and I see no plugins for AVI or WMV files, Could the plugins be somewhere else? maybe in a global directory somewhere. Thanks.

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    From the link I gave you earlier:

    Version: 0.33

    1. Build and install gxine.
    2. Create symbolic links to the following files in your Mozilla plugins directory: gxineplugin.a
    once you have done the above, media links that you click on in firefox will open in GXine
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    There is a really excellent tutorial on installing mplayerplugin and all codecs right here:

    Follow the basic setup for mplayer & codes, then install mplayerplugin. It will install the plugins to the Mozilla directoy but you can easily make sym links from the firefox plugin directroy to there, and you're good to go. I think it's the best plugin for Firefox.

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    Yea, Ive had that working but the problem now is that when I click on an AVI or WMV file on a website xine does not open I get a dialog box with the only option being to download the file, The options to open the file or choose a program to run it are greyed out. Mpegs and the other formats open its just AVI and WMV files that dont work but I can open them in xine by itself, not going through firefox.

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    Get this file:

    as root, "rpm -ivh" it. Go to "/usr/lib/browser-plugins/" and copy "" into "~/.mozilla/plugins/". Then (as root), do "rpm -qa|grep xine", then type "rpm -e <full xine-browser rpm name>". Start firefox once. It may crash on the first startup. If it does, close it and start it up again. Go to "Edit->Preferences->Downloads->Plugins" and ensure that all the different media types are registered with mozilla. You should be good after that.

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    Anyone know if there is an ASF plugin for firefox? I've looked and cannot find one.
    I found this thread while looking for a solution to this problem. I know I'm late to this party, but since you never got any useful replies, I thought that I would chime in.

    I've never had much luck with MPlayer, so I stick with Xine. After much searching, I found the following: Since I run Debian, I opened it using alien -i. The results were excellent.

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