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    Linking Libraries to Execute


    I have many files that I need to link together. Along with these files came a few sample executables. I am unable to run the executables at this time. I have one .cpp file I want to compile with many header files (.hpp) and libraries (.so). When I try to compile my .cpp file, I got many errors, among them those saying that a file or directory does not exist, but I can see and open the header file that is supposed to be missing. I have been trying to find how to link new locations for libraries, and I have seen different flags, the -L and -r primarily, but I can't quite figure out how to work those into compile and run times. Any assistance on linking all these files to compile and execute my .cpp file would be of great help.


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    Link Options - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
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    So I've linked the libraries using -L, but I still get compiler errors saying header files do not exist, but not as many. The two that are missing are two I know I do not have. They are : cv.h and highgui.h. Are these open source files or should the company I got the files from provide those? I found a few cv.h links online, but nothing about the highgui.h. Any thoughts?

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