Hi all,

I'm looking for a German offline thesaurus (I'm using gaiksaurus for English) on a
Debian system. It seems, openthesaurus-de plus ding should do the job; here's
the output from apt-cache:
ding - Graphical dictionary lookup program for Unix (Tk)
openthesaurus-de-text - German Text Thesaurus for e.g. ding
However, I'm having trouble setting up ding correctly to work with openthesaurus.
I've created a new search (Einstellungen -> Suchmethoden) which I set up to use
"egrep -h" using "::" as a separator.

I can run a look on the thesaurus, but all results are reported on a single line, e.g.
my search for "Maschine" yields
Deutsch	  English
Feuerstuhl (umgangssprachlich);heißer Ofen (umgangssprachlich);Krad;Kraftrad;Maschine (umgangssprachlich);Motorrad
Flieger (umgangssprachlich);Fluggerät;Flugmaschine;Flugzeug;Kiste (umgangssprachlich);Luftfahrzeug;Maschine (umgangssprachlich)
There is a screenshot at softpedia that gets a much nicer output.

Can ding be configure to behave this way, i.e. use separate lines for synonyms?

cheers, kai