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Thread: X11r6

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    indore india mp

    Question X11r6

    HI to all
    Please apologies if I post the Q in wrong place

    my name is vivek

    i am using elx(everyone's linux) distro
    i recently upgrade
    gcc 3.2.xx to 3.6.x to 4.0.1 to 4.2.0
    with that i compiled
    linux-2.6.22 kernel (that was hard for me)

    and after that
    just at first boot(udghatan)
    checking new hardware...
    i got kudzu(terminal mode)
    which says
    intel-snd-intel-8x0(ac97,alsa can detect but can't use as it is old as kernel2.4.x)
    intel-fb(my linux on kde shows vesa driver with 8MB(approx) Memeory)

    the following thing done
    alsa driver 1.0.9
    alsa firmware
    but utils cant want xmlto and xmlto(some information) says u Debian not supported please use fedora(huh elx derived from RHEL3)
    and for i915 chipset
    i try to install X11R^ 6.9.0
    via manual configuration(host.def from
    but make World>World.log(from build)
    the command stucked and not get completed
    i am not taking too much

    Q.what i do for alsa to do sound
    Q how to work with host.def(i installed all fntconfig zlib pngs and also set in the file but OSVender and few othat ??)

    Please help cause i am just 17 year old BOY

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    indore india mp
    oh its very tough Question i thinks i need to make the story smaller
    and find the right place on site to pu Question

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    It's unfortunately a little difficult to understand what exactly you're asking.

    But the bigger problem is that you're using a very very old, unsupported, and discontinued linux distribution, that most people have probably never heard of. The best solution is to install a modern distro, since there have been whole lot of changes since 2004 when ELX was last released.

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    Matter is not that of using modern linux as i have 2 hardisk (1 is 40GB(ELX) and other is 80GB(OpenSuse)) the matter is that how i can upgrade a distro
    how hardware get worked in front of my eyes as if i can upgrade a system then i think i can know better how it works
    as other operating system is just a double click to install a driver the linux come a package of full support (your hard disk also work with other sys config.)
    and install them is big challange

    i think that the package linux kernel, ALSA, X11R6 are interdependent miss one of that may cause driver lead to unsupport one

    in Short,
    its not matter to take a distro dedicated to hardware
    how to make a distro to be dedicated to hardware
    cause if i not do that i definitly need 11.1 version for new kernel

    sorry for my bad english
    i hope you understand my feelings/thought
    and thanks for reply

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