I would like to have some details on Postfix and the direct delivery option.
This server is running Suse.

In my main.cf file I have:

relayhost =
fallback_relay = server1, server2, server3, etc.
This way, I expect direct delivery and if it fails, then go to the next available servers.
It seems to work OK!

The thing I don't get is the message in the mail log:

Aug  6 11:18:22 lulinux07 postfix/smtp[14173]: 578FA1D225: to=<totoatmycompany.com>, relay=eamail02.mycompany.com[], delay=1, status=sent (250 Message accepted for delivery)
First, I would have expected relay= local instead of eamail02.mycompany.com
Then I don't understand where this eamail02.mycompany.com server is comming from. This is a mail server of my company of course, but it is not referenced in main.cf. So I guess this parameter is coming from a paramater file, but I can't find which one.

Any help is welcome.