I've a peculiar requirement that, i want to write the md5sum of the ISO image in to CD or DVD where i write that ISO.

If you want to write some other information as volume label/ID, we can use the mkisofs command's -V option. But i cannot use this because before the creation of the iso file, we cannot find the md5sum of it.

So coming to the question that, for DVD writing i use growisofs which allows me to use the mkisofs options as...


growisofs [-dry-run] [-dvd-compat] [-overburn] [-speed=1] -[Z|M] /dev/dvd <mkisofs-options>
So i found the iso's md5sum and wrote in the volume id into DVD.

But if i want to write an image into CD, how can i achieve this ?
-- cdrecord is not allowing us to use the mkisofs options, and it dont have option for writing the volume ID into the media ?

So is there any command which can allow me to write the volume label into the media ?!

Note: I had this question in other forums, and did not had any reply till... so posting it here also .. dont mistake me ..