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    install shutter(screenshot app)

    its been a while since the last time i posted something here

    well, im running sabayon 4.1. im not sure i'f im already running 4.2 because i just updated all the packages. well, anyway, here's the problem.

    i downloaded the files required for shutter since i had no choice because shutter aint in the repos. i copied the files from shutter's bin folder to my bin folder. i also copied the files from the share folder to my share folder.

    i can see shutter from the applications menu thingy, but it doesnt do anything. nothing happens when i click it.

    are there dependency issues or sumthin? did i do something wrong?


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    Sabayon is based on gentoo, right? Gentoo definitely has an ebuild for shutter.

    Gentoo Packages /package/x11-misc/shutter
    En:HOWTO: The Complete Portage Guide - Sabayon

    If you do want to install it yourself, the dependencies are listed at the bottom of the shutter download page.

    It may also be a permissions problem. By default, scripts you download (shutter is a perl script), do not have permission to run. Security and all.

    Since you're putting it in /bin (which I don't recommend, by the way - better to use /usr/local/bin and keep stuff you install yourself separate from stuff the package manager handles), you probably need to change the permissions as so (as root)
    chmod 755 /bin/shutter
    which makes it readable and executable by everyone, and only the file owner can write to it.

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