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    Arrow [SOLVED] BIN-file won't execute...

    Hi there,

    I have a problem executing BIN-files.
    I downloaded ut3-server-linux.bin (Gameserver).

    chmod +x ut3-server-linux.bin

    bash: ./ut3-server-linux.bin: No such file or directory

    I gave it another try on a Left 4 Dead-Server-BIN.
    Same behaviour. I tried

    chmod 755

    instead of the "+x"-flag also.
    What's wrong? Did I missed some libs, if yes, which one?
    I am using Deb 4.0.
    Thanks for your help!!!!
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    try it like this

    sh ut3-server-linux.bin
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    This is what I got:

    sh ut3-server-linux.bin
    ut3-server-linux.bin: ut3-server-linux.bin: cannot execute binary file

    nice try..
    thank you for trying to help!!

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    I forgot to tell that I am using the 64-bit version of the OS!
    That's the reason why some 32-bit installers won't work!

    Thanks to all viewing this thread!

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