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    Compiz Fusion, programs spread over multiple workspaces

    Hey all

    Ive been using Compiz on Debian (lenny) and have been finding that some programs appear on multiple workspaces.

    Its not even the whole program window, usually just the very edge of it sort of poking into the workspace next to the one it is actually on....if that makes any sense.
    (I have the "desktop cube" enabled)

    I run multiple terminal server client windows and have found it happens with them in particular...very annoying!!

    Any thought on how to solve this?


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    this means that the window isn't completely on one workspace, so move it

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    Yeaaah im not quite that stupid mate, I realise the reason for it just sucks!.

    I use my terminal sessions full screen, and alt-enter to leave fullscreeen.
    When you do this the window is ALWAYS too big for one workspace.

    It happens with other fullscreen capable apps too.

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    When you leave full screen on your RDP session the window is going to be the same size as it would be in full screen, it is just no longer to be full screen. There is no way for it to fit onto your current screen without you resizing it.

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    If its a sizing issue then why does it only occur when Compiz is turned on?

    I don't have the issue when using the stock Metacity setup.

    Is there an RDP client for Linux that has the drop down widget up the top like the MS version?
    Soooo, so useful.
    This having to go fullscreen, leave fullscreen...go just a joke.

    Its issues like this that prevent Linux from being more commonly used..

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