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    Instant Messengers in Linux

    Instant Messengers in Linux SUCK! I give up. I've tried Kopete, Pidgin... to no avail. They are UNUSABLE if you need the Yahoo protocol. Maybe Yahoo has done something so you can't use them but they don't work anymore FOR ME. Maybe they work for you but don't tell me 'they work for me' and say they work fine. They DON'T.

    Unfortunately, I need to use Windows in some form because I need to keep contact with some relatives who use Yahoo Messenger.

    I couldn't find any 'how to' with any messengers in Linux so I guess there is no interest there or it's not a priority. I notice that in settings there are entries for the (Yahoo) server used so if that is important (which ones are used), I don't know which ones since I couldn't find any info even after googling.

    I'm mentioning this since some Linux users sometimes discuss what Linux doesn't do well and this is an example.

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    recently, yahoo messenger changed some stuff that made it so pidgin and kopete wouldn't work, you need to update to latest version

    This has nothing to do with linux.

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    You can find out all about the yahoo troubles on the pidgin website. Pidgin News

    Specifically, it links to this from one of the pidgin developers.
    The Flaming Banker: Some Clarification on Yahoo! Issues


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