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    WAV to MP3 conversion

    Hallo all,
    I need to convert a wave files with ImaADPCM compression in mp3, on the server.
    I tryed Sox and Lame but I am not really good with those:
    sox FAIL formats: can't open input file `1.wav': WAVE: RIFF header not found
    Here I uploaded one file:
    Thankyou very much in advance.


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    Hey there!
    If you get yourself the Wine program on Ubuntu, then you can install and run a load of windows programs. once you have Wine installed just do a quick search on
    I put in this "ImaADPCM MP3 from wav converter" and there are links to places I don't know these programs very well but I do know you have a better chance searching through windows programs

    hope this helps
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    Which Linux distro are you using?

    Its really easy to convert wav to mp3 format through lame. What error message does lame throw?
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    Think I got it, using ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i input.wav output.mp3 works fine.
    Lame was complaining about the riff header missing, instead ffmpeg just does it.


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    Glad you got it sorted! ffmpeg is the cat's meow when converting sound and video files! It's so easy from the command line a "GUI" would just make it more complicated!
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    I love ffmpeg, but you can also use VLC to save/convert one audio format to another. Ffmpeg is a purely command line tool with zillions of options, so you can do just about any kind of A/V transcoding you want.
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    soundconverter is also great since it uses the gstreamer framework

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