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    I need bacula help restoring the backup server

    I have a server go down. Unfortunately, it was my bacula server. I managed to restore it and get it to run but can not get the old volumes to be added to the pool.

    The libray is good and operational. I used my old config files but not the database since it is in the tapes. How can I add the media to the pool without loosing the data.

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    If there is no sql dump other than the one on tape,
    you should try and restore that sql dump with bextract.
    Volume Utility Tools

    After restoring the DB, pools and volume information should be nearly uptodate.

    If the sql dump restore should fail, you have the last chance to re-create the DB with the data from the tapes with bscan.
    This will take a long time.
    Volume Utility Tools

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    Thank you

    I am new to baula but picking up steam. I will try this. Now my thought in I should munt the last full library and restore from there. But do I need to rescan the entire library 15 tapes or just the one where I think the last full is stored on and if so how do I mount just one volume? I did an mtx but not sure if any headers are on the first tape..

    Thanks again


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