Im new here - and sorry for my poor english

My problem: I need to download mirror of my forum, it wouldnt be problem

wget -m x
But problem is that users are posting images, it would be problem if the upload them to img.x.x server, but alot of them upload them on free img servers.
My problem is, how to download my page + forum to local hdd ( i know i can use
wget -mk x
so i get local links working) with images that aint on my servers ?

Oh, and some Topics got alot of pages (20+)

I used this (without full success):
wget -EkH --recursive --level=5 --no-clobber --page-requisites x/viewforum
viewforum - is main tree of forum
--page-requisites should downlad images (that MAN says) but it dosnt work like i want to ;/

Thanks for help