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    tts speech synthesizer or flite (festival lite) spanish voice

    I need text to speech synthesizer for spanish language in emebeded device build on linux.
    I looking for some free solution (C/C++) and i found festival, espeak, flite.

    festival - speech is good but is too slow and and too difficult for setting (lot of scripts in SCHEMA)
    espeak - speech is worse as in festival but speed and settings are on good quality
    flite - i think speech quality is little better as espeak. speed and setting are on good quality too.
    I would like use flite but spanish language is not support. if i want use spanish language i have to convert voice to flite source code but i don't know how (it's too difficult).
    on page:
    h t t p : / / w w w . s p e e c h . c s .c m u . e d u /flite/doc/flite_8.html#SEC19
    (sory for link but :
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    Flite: a small, fast speech synthesis engine - 8 Converting FestVox Voices[/url]
    is tutorial how can i do it but i think is too little for beginner in tts like me. I don't know where from i can download language, where it unpack...

    Can me somebody help how can i do it? or have somebody source code flite with converted spanish voice to source code? or somebody have better tip for text to speech synthesizer ?


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    This is a good question. An open source speech synthisis application that can be internationalized (used with many languages) would be most useful. If you find a solution to your problem, please let us (me) know. I deal with a lot of Spanish speaking clients, and while I am bi-lingual, a number of manufacturers want things like assembly instructions delivered in verbal form a lot of the time.
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    If you are looking for free open source program for linux IMHO best choice is festival. Today i found better spanich voices to festival than "default" el_diphone voice. try

    festvox-palpc16k - male

    festvox-sflpc16k - female

    or try use google with festvox-palpc16k or festvox-sflpc16k maybe can find better

    or if you want comecial solution try e.g acapela


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