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    Moving Linux configuration on new machine with different hardware

    Hi all,

    It took countless hours to configure my Linux (Ubuntu) the way I like it with my specific development environment and I even made a few changes to some application source code.

    Now I would like to get a laptop and move the exact same configuration on it, instead of reinstalling everything step by step. I know this would be at least a few days of work to get everything setup the same way because I can't remember all the tweaks I've made.

    I know there is an application (APTonCD) that helps to create a Linux distribution but I haven't installed everything from Debian packages. I also know I could use a virtual machine but I would like to avoid this option.

    I know some people are using Ghost software to move an image to other computers with different hardware with Windows and based from what I've read, Windows would automatically look for the appropriate drivers to fit with the new hardware.

    Does anyone know if I could use a similar tool on Linux? Did anyone had already made this kind of experience?


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    Have you looked at Clonezilla?
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    No but it looks like what I was looking for! I will try it soon and I will get back here to let you know how it went.

    Thanks a lot!


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