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    Installing PDV(Payload Delivery Vehicle)

    hi, i'm running suse 9.1 pro using KDE. Im trying to install the PDV app. I extracted the file to /usr/local/usr and after trying to configure the file, this is what I get:

    enrique007@linux:/usr/local/src/pdv-1.2> ls
    aclocal.m4 configure pdv.h stamp-h
    AUTHORS Makefile.pkg pdv.lsm
    ChangeLog COPYING missing pdvmkpkg.c test
    config.cache mkinstalldirs pdv.spec version.h
    config.h INSTALL NEWS pkginfo.src install-sh pdv.1 pkgproto
    config.log Makefile pdv.c port.c
    config.status pdv_fixed.c README
    enrique007@linux:/usr/local/src/pdv-1.2> more install
    install: No such file or directory
    enrique007@linux:/usr/local/src/pdv-1.2> ./configure
    ./configure: line 414: ./config.log: Permission denied

    I'm new with Linux so i'm not really sure what the problem will be. anyone can give me a hand?



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    Try extracting it in your home directory and doing this:

    ./configure (from the dir that you extracted it to)
    make install
    You can use make anywhere...make install is what puts the executables and libraries where they need to be for system-wide usage (hence su to become root).
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