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    Linux internet connect thru phone line plz

    hi ... a linux newbie here ..... want to connect to internet thru a modem n phone line ..... plz guide me frm scratch ....... need help immediately ... all linux guru's out there ....



    ps: also wat kinda modem i need ? i got a phone with inbuilt modem ... so wat can be done then ??

    Where to supply ISP name n username/passwd etc ??

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    windows CD but not LINUX !!!!

    Hi ... got some insight frm this forum abt the way dial up works with linux .. but seems tis jus not nf !!!

    Got a phone connection where the same phone company is an ISP. Now they have provided a data cable and a CD with phone. The CD installer works only in windows though i cud open it and found some exe's there.

    Just the username n password provided by phone company, and the rest of dial up is taken care of by the CD program. Now the question, how to bypass tat CD program to have a successful dial up to the ISP directly. Wat more info do i need to get the same effect thru KPPP etc as the windows dial up one.

    Now the biggest problem. The phone instrument has inbuilt modem which i know nothing of. Thru KPPP it says "error opening modem device" !!! wat to do abt tat ...

    Need urgent help .... plz


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    ....get high speed?
    thats what i did. everything is so much better.linux was instantly able to connet. no configurationn was neccissary.
    i dont really know what to do at all about setting up a dial up modem bt from what the forums say can be a very frustrating thing to do since the people who usualy end up doing it is newbies.
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