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Thread: ssh download

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    ssh download

    ok. so I have a linux machine thousands of miles away that has limited resources and that I use to torrent linux distributions and other legal material from ]LegalTorrents - Film, Music and Digital Media
    what i have been doing is downloading the files then compressing them to a .tgz by logging in with ssh. I then download the files via http, and I must download the files via HTTP.
    is there any way I can get it so it tar packages the data only the moment that it is downloaded and stores a small bit of it in ram? so no storage space is waisted.

    it could also be just a .tar

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    What torrent client are you using?

    I know transmission has an option to run a schell script on completion.
    transmissioncli(1): bittorrent client - Linux man page

    Or rtorrent as well.
    rtorrent(1): BitTorrent client for ncurses - Linux man page

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