I am a visually impaired user new to linux and I am used to using a screenreader and magnifier to navigate the windows OS but cannot find away to do this in Linux Mint 7.
I installed Orca and when I run it it doesn't read the full words and it freezes after a few minutes of use. I am running the default desktop settings for Mint Gloria and was wondering if it might help to change to a more basic appearence of Mint, with limited effects and eye candy. I am also looking for a black background for all windows with white text is this an available theme in mint or do I have to create it? Also when I try to run the magnifier I can only see minimul portions of the windows and text and I almost have to paint it on with my mouse. Orca and the magnifier are very glitchy and unusable is there something I can do? Is there a better distro more compatible with orca and magnifier or am I just screwed. Also I was wondering if there was some sort of patch or easy fix. Thanks for your imput