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    [SOLVED] Crontab not working

    I've created a crontab to run a php script (daemon) at boot.

    crontab -l:
    (at)reboot /usr/bin/php-cgi /var/backbone/fork_sema.php 2>&1 > /dev/null
    (at)reboot export EDITOR="vi"
    When I run the command as root it works. I've added "#!/usr/bin/php-cgi -q" to the beginning of the file. I've also tried to putting "root" before the command, which I've now removed. The command is executed at boot, but the script is not running.

    The second command doesn't work either.

    Any suggestions? Thanks..

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    (at)reboot export EDITOR="vi"
    Which distro are you using? Are you trying at command? .Check this link.
    A quick and simple guide to crontab usage -
    for crontab examples
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    Problem found.

    Apparently cron runs before mysql. My php script quits because it is unable to connect to the db.

    Fix: Put a sleep before connection attempt.

    I also was able to make the default editor change permanent by editing ".bash_aliases".


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