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    GNOME and KDE Startup

    I recently installed Slackware. I login in as root. How do I load GNOME or KDE in the terminal?

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    the command you will actualy need is


    but dont run x as root, instead create a user for everyday use.

    useradd *name*
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    Won't load either reply.

    Cannot load something about a shared directory in GNOME.

    I tried reinstalling whats wrong?

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    lay out the steps you take to try to start gnome and post the exact error messages...

    it's hard to offer any solution other than startx with the given information.

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    It took some time to get all the errors down but here they are after I type "startx" and also gnome-session

    Here are the error:
    Could not init font path element /usr/x11r6/lib/x11/fots/CIP, removing from list!
    gnome-session: error while loading shared libraries libconf-2.50.4: cannot open shared libaries file: No such file or directory.

    Waiting for X server to shut down

    What is wrong, please.


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    again, can you lay out the exact steps you took? without enough info it's hard to figure out what's wrong. here's a checklist though:

    *run xorgcfg as root. this'll setup your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file according to your system specs.

    *make a non-root account. do this by logging in as root and typing adduser. enter the info it requests, then logout, and login as the new user.

    *as the new non-root user run xwmconfig and set the default gui.

    what method did you use to install gnome? did you just select "full" or did you do "expert" or "menu" and select individual parts of gnome to install? perhaps you didn't install everything, but usually selecting gnome in the slackware install will get everything installed that you need to run gnome.

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