I had OpenOffice.org 1.1.0 working prefactly
Then I got xinerama set up, with a NVIDIA card using the twinview option
I have Mandrake 10.0, KDE, and OOo 1.1.0

When I got back, all my apps had changed font sizes, and I could change them all back
I am wondering how to change this is OpenOffice.org

The problem is that all the fonts are streached out, like my desktop was twice as wide
This is what xinerama does, and I am more interested in using OpenOffice.org on one screen, and other things on the other
I need this because one is a LCD (laptop) at 1400x1050, and one is a CRT at 1024x768, and things look very wierd steched out between the two, with about a foot in the middle

Is there a way to make OpenOffice.org either only see one screen, or just stop widening the fonts.