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    Evolution and passwords


    I wonder why Evolution (Ubuntu 9.10) wonder every time he checked one of my four accounts, the password as well I entered when creating this account?

    I did some tests with Outlook and Thunderbird (withu ubuntu 9.10 and Seven) both software and never asked me to retype my password.



    PS : sorry for my bad english. I'm a french

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    If you go to Edit > Preferences, then to MAIL ACCOUNTS tab, then click on your account name, then EDIT, you will get an account editor window.

    Both tabs, RECEIVING EMAIL and SENDING EMAIL have a place which you must click, to "remember password".

    There are other things which can cause this, but they are not likely.

    Sorry if this does not help.

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    thank you, I already did this but it does not work better.

    In fact, it is perhaps of my provider ...

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    Not an expert, but...

    I am certainly not an expert, but the whole point is that your password will be saved and sent automatically as needed. If my understanding of this is true, the provider has nothing to do with it as long as evolution sends it when requested. Just my opinion.

    That brings up another possibility, of a file permission problem. If somehow the password/config file got set wrong, it can't find the stored permission, or maybe couldn't store it in the first place.

    Sorry I can't be of more help to you. I have used evolution for years, and have had all sorts of problems, but in the end, there is always one more.

    Remember Google (or Yahoo or...) is your friend. I do find answers to vague problems I would never find by myself.

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