Hi all,

Questions related to dhcpd.conf file.

We have a routed dsl network that is being provisioned to allow for multiple DHCP pools(future growth). For this to work on the DSL hardware, multiple dhcp pools are provisioned separately and they all use a single point-to-point address that bridges the dsl network to our edge router as a source.

This means that the source IP in the request that hits our dhcp server does not match the subnet of any of the pools provisioned in the .conf file. Since it can't match the source IP to any of the pools that are provisioned, it throws it on the floor... i think.

My question is: if there is an option on the .conf file that would allow a dhcp request sourced from this foreign subnet to be accepted and granted an IP from a specific pool, even if that sourced IP address doesn't match the subnet it is drawing from?

It's kind of confusing so let me try to illustrate it as best I can

Current working dsl network:

DSLAM dhcp pool req sourced -> DHCP server pool
Lease given =

New dsl network not working:

DSLAM dhcp pool -> DSLAM relay subnet req sourced -> DHCP server pool
Lease given = none!

So, is this possible? Am I making sense?