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    js2mouse -cant get it to work


    i am trying to use my logitech gamepad as a mouse using js2mouse. It is not working.

    i am running suse 11.2

    I have downloaded and installed js2mouse with no errors. when i run it i get:

    # js2mouse
    Number of axes : 6
    Number of buttons : 12
    Driver version : 131328
    Joystick name : Logitech Logitech Dual Action

    that looks good, it knows the name of my gamepad!!

    i have tried to configure it following the instructions at -spefically this part:

    "3) Js2mouse as a second pointer with GPM :
    - It depends on your Linux distribution, so this is the most independant explanation that I can give... Adapt your own configuration files
    - Log as 'root' (if necessary)
    - Enter the following commands into a terminal :
    gpm -k
    gpm -m /dev/_YOUR_REAL_MOUSE_DEV_ -t _ITS_PROTOCOL_ -M -t ps2 -m /dev/j2m_fifo"

    based on that, I have tried both:

    gpm -m /dev/input/mouse1 -t ps2 -M -t js -m /dev/input/j2m_fifo


    gpm -m /dev/input/mouse1 -t ps2 -M -t ps2 -m /dev/input/j2m_fifo

    i dont get any errors form the terminal, but it does not work.

    any help will be appreciated



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    still no luck with j2mouse. however i have found qjoypad. it works great!!



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