Hello, i have the gnome-do docky set up. I have google chrome on the docky, if it is not already open i can open it from the dock, but if i wanted to open a 2nd instance of chrome i have to right click and go to run. Id rather not have to do this much work just to open it a 2nd time. Is there any way i can make it a single left or right click? or bind the right click>run process to one of my other mouse buttons(have 5) so i can just click that one with my mouse over the icon on the dock i want to open and it will open?

Or just need a way to open programs a 2nd time with a single click using the dock.

Also, when i have the zoom feature on it seems very laggy, takes a few secs for it to start zooming and if i move across to fast it wont zoom any of them at all. My gfx driver is installed as the nvidea x server settings thing installed itself and is now the manager for my display settings.