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    Dsniff help PLEASE

    Hey guys im trying to use Dsniff suite of programs for a class assignment.... Jut my luck im new to linux, and my teacher isnt even familiar with the software to help me.

    So far i got arch running well, and Dsniff installed from the repositories. My problem is i cant see ANYTHING using the damn thing. So far ive just tried sticking to webspy and Dsniff. And so far ive been able to sniff Zero html pages with webspy and Zero passwords with Dsniff.

    Ill set it to arpspoof -t gatewayip hostip then arpspoof -t hostip gatewayip
    Then enable ip forwarding via echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
    webspy or Dsniff will come up saying listening on eth0 (the adapter ive set it to use) but nothing ever pops up under there. It never sniffs any trafic out.

    also trying tcpkill i get this error
    pcap_compile: syntax error
    tcpkill: couldn't initialize sniffing

    Can anyone PLEASE help me with this. My teacher is absolutely worthless in helping me and this project in presenting some of these utilities is worth nearly half my class grade. To get anything in this suite of programs would be acceptable, i only need to present one or two subprograms and ill be fine.


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    Im wondering if whatever is happeneing is operating system based? Something that not enabled or needs to be configured? As far as i can tell my syntax with dsniff is corect. Ive seen a couple youtubes and they are doing the same exact syntax.
    The error from tcpkill makes me think that somethings stopping me from sniffing at all?
    Also with arp poisoning, without ip forwarding enabled, i should effectivley cut a computer off from the network? Even though i can get arpspoof to show info passing in both directions i dont recall any computer being cutoff even without IP forwarding. Unless thats been permanently changed somewhere in a config file to always enable.

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    nobody has any ideas?

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