have two current issuses regarding media players and codecs with Yoper.

1) Firstly, I have been trying to watch news and other video from http://www.bbc.com all their stuff is in either real audio or Winslows media player formats. Trying to watch a clip in real audio i get an Winslows pop up saying i need: (audio/x-pn-realaudio) I followed the link which directed me to install real player 10, which i've done. however whenever i try and watch any real video stuff i still get that message pop-up despite having real player 10 installed.

2) secondly, I regulary watch divx/xvid clips from my computer and output to my TV, kaffeine works well for this but sometimes looses sync so i prefer Xine. However dispite having mplayer (i can't use this on the Tv as it says error intialising -vo device) and mplayer codecs installed xine still cannot display some xvid, divx enocoded matrial.