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    [OMAP L-138]creating a USB application working in Linux and windows

    Hi All,
    I am using OMAP-L138 chip which has ARM 9 core and runs linux. The device which I am making stores some data. I have to retirve that data using USB interface. For this, I have to make an application which communicates with the device drivers provided by the ARM linux(which comes with the OMAP L-138 *) so that we can transfer the data stored in the device to a computer.

    My question:
    Suppose I make such an application which makes the host Linux computer detect my device connected at its USB port and then transfer the stored data to the computer. Will windows computers be able to detect my device? What should I do so that my device can transfer data to both Linux and Windows pc?

    I am totally new in this field. Please correct me if you find anything wrong in my approach.

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    Assuming the USB drive is formatted with a Windows file system, such as FAT, FAT-16, FAT-32, NTFS then it should not be a problem for Windows to detect and automount it. If it is FAT, then Linux should automount it OK, assuming again that you have properly configured your system. NTFS will not usually automount on Linux, however. So, use a FAT file system of some type and configure your ARM9 Linux to automount the attached USB drive and transfer the appropriate data to it.
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    Hi Rubberman, thanks for the help. I would like to add that there is no USB drive in the device. All I have is a USB OTG interface. The data is stored in a memory card inside the device. From the memory card I have to read it and send it through USB interface to a computer. what will the solution in this case?


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