I don't normally use gnome, but I recently installed Dropline Gnome in College LInux and I love it.

I do however, have a few questions about it:

1 - can you have a different background for each desktop? if so, then how?
2 - how to you get rid of the home and trash icons on the desktop? if you can, how do you access trash after it is gone from the desktop?
3 - how do you stop the stupid animation that occurs when you open an app? it basically shows a quick flash of a linear box eminating from the middle of the screen and then getting larger till it disappears off the scree. I am presuming this is to show that a program is about to load, but I want it to stop.

For anyone who hasn't tried CL yet and has a box they can try new stuff out on, man this is a great new distro.

I am even starting to write a guide to it - link is on the first page of my linux guide below.