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    Hi there,
    Did anyone used this application? I had downloaded and installed this program, the rpm name is: unrar-3.40-1plf.i586.rpm
    This program is running in terminal window, which I am not familiar. Not the executable of this program is in "usr/bin/" and lets say my rar file is in "file:/home/destroxmx/downloads" How can I view or just unrar these files in a sub directory of "file:/home/distroxmx/downloads".

    Can anyone explain me? or can you reffer to a HOWTO link...I ll be so glad

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    First off you have to install the rpm. Then it will be in /usr/bin (or /bin), and you can do the following to unrar your file:

    cd /path/to/file
    unrar ./file
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    My friend thank you for your did not work but I find the way You missed some thing like the action.

    for example:
    cd /path/to/file
    unrar e file
    Another thing that I finded out is, for example if the file name is disc 1.rar; you must type ilke this:
    unrar e disk\ 1.rar

    I will search this unrar topic more, and try to write a tutor for this site

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceviz
    I will search this unrar topic more, and try to write a tutor for this site
    have you tried
    #man unrar

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    I have several old ".rar" data files with password, but I forgot the password.

    Is there any "Brute force" applications in Linux?
    Is there any other method to recover the rar password in Linux?
    Thank you.

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