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    Problems playing CD that was recorded with Audacity

    Using Debian Lenny I recorded a wav file with Audacity to burn to
    a cd with K3b. The problem is when I played the cd with KsCD; it
    wouldn't stop when it got to the end; it just kept studdering. I
    didn't have problems using KsCD to play CDs I had ripped and then
    burned with K3b.Is this a problem with KsCD, or do I need to do
    something when I finish the file with Audacity?

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    K3b will rip a cd and then create an audio cd from the files. Why would you record it with Audacity?

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    I recorded the file first off the internet with Audacity and then burnt it to a CD.

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    Does the wav file contain all the tracks in one?
    I've used Audacity to convert old vinyl LPs into cds. I split each track and converted to MP3 then used K3b to create the audio cd adding each track separately. That worked perfectly for me.

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    I recorded a lecture that was in 6 clips of 10 min. I joined them
    together. I wanted one message.

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    I've used Audacity to make CDs as well and have never run into this. Perhaps it is possible there is a deformity in the CD itself. Have you tried burning to CD more than once? Also, go with a slower burn speed.
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    I burnt a few CDs with a wave file I made from Audacity.
    I used one of the Cds: a cd-rw and used it to make a copy
    of a CD with K3b and it worked fine.

    Is there something I have to do to finish a wave file I record with
    After I recorded I deleted some space at the end, because there was
    silence. should I have left a bit at the end of the file?
    Then I saved it: save project as
    Then exported it as a wave file.

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