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    error with php/mysql

    hello, i have been using a vps computer (for counter-strike servers) for about 4 months now, i need to install phpmyadmin + mysql + appache2.
    i am running debian 5.0 btw, and everything is being done through putty, and winscp (i googled on how to reinstall php and mysql and saw a program called yum. but i have'nt tried to use it)
    first off, i tried to update
    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade --show-upgraded
    and it showed me mysql, and i think phpadmin.
    i pressed y, and then it asked me
    Please specify the workgroup you want this server to appear to be in │
    │ when queried by clients. Note that this parameter also controls the │
    │ domain name used with the security=domain setting.
    i did'nt know what to type, so i exited out of putty, and rentered.[/quote]
    later i found the command for phpadmin, installed it. entered the password for mysql. and everything. looked like it was installed ok, then i tried to go to phpadmin. i typed in internet brower (http)://[/url] and it wants to send me a file. now on my last vps, i had mysql and phpadmin and it worked fine. never got this error. why is it? and how can i fix it? should i reinstall it? btw, i need it for a thing called "amxbans" and a text message system (you send a text, and you will be a admin) i think thats all i need to install. thanks. and my own computer is running winxp, but my vps debian 5

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    please help, this bug is pissing me off. i tried to reinstall but when i go to my phpmyadmin it wants to send me a file

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