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    Which MySQL install method?

    I want to install MySQL on my Fedora 12 box but I'm not really sure what the best method to use is. I have had problems in the past with using yum, mainly the installed package was behind and/or missing pieces that I needed and it was a real pain to find and install those pieces. My problem is that I'm not totally convinced I should do an install from source, or even an rpm, as that would mean losing the yum safety net.

    Yup, I really am that indecisive

    My intentions are to have a development account on my home machine to polish up my php and java skills so I'll be installing Apache, Php and Java on this machine as well.

    So, does anyone out there have any words of wisdom for me? Any advice is appreciated.


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    YUM does not have such problems, It is still the best way to install MySQL on Fedora, you might have problem with the repository, and repository conflicts.

    Try disabling the additional repositories (if you have any), and refresh YUM and install MySQL again.

    Or, You can go for Linux - Generic installs from MySQL Download Page

    If you wan't install MySQL for study or development purpose, you can also go for BitNami Stacks The one click all-in-one installers for many CMS and Frameworks.

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    I hate to disagree but such a sweeping statement as YUM not having problems with current version is simply not true. Maybe the current official repos are up to date with the current versions of applications such as MySQL but they are typically at least a few minor releases behind. Add to that that my last install was CentOS, which is definitely not as current as Fedora and you have the source of my trepidation about installing via YUM.
    Of course, the flip side is that YUM really does take a lot of the pressure off an install so I'll take your advice and go ahead and install using YUM.



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