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    Searching for software with scanning, text/graphic editing,

    Hi folks,

    I have been using PaperPort for a prolonged time, which is a proprietary software running on M$Windows, mainly for scanning text documents. It has a desktop which allows scanned documents to be displayed there, binding them as book, doing direct editing, i.e. adding text as a note directly on the scanned document, deleting selected words/paragraphs and typing text on their space, etc.. It also has simple graphic editing function. Books can be re-binded, i.e their pages can reallocated, such as page 1 shifted to page 10, page 38 to page 12, etc. directly on desktop. Also the books can be discomposed again as separate documents before binding. Documents can be saved in many formats, max, pdf, html, jpg, gif, etc.

    PaperPort is similar to PageKeeper, OmniPage, etc. All of them are proprietary software for M$Windows

    Are there similar software from Open Source running on Linux. Gimp can do the job but it is a heavy tool not for this simple task.

    Kindly advise. TIA


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    Have you tried either of these:

    1) Xsane
    2) Kooka

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    Hi jeremy,

    Have you tried either of these:

    1) Xsane
    2) Kooka
    Tks for your advice.

    I have not tried neither of them. I visiited Kooka site but I could find neither a mailing list nor a discussion forum there. Kooka looks close to what I need. However I could not find out whether it can combine scanned documents as book similar to the function of ebook solfware. Kooka is already running on the OS (FC2).

    I also visited Xsane site but not much information there for me to check its function. Also no mailing list nor forum. It uses sane mailing list.


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    Hi. I've just began to play with my Canon LIDE 35 scanner with xsane. it works great in terms of scanning images, but I'm still trying to get the scanning text files figured out. OCR - I've seen something in the program abut it but haven't looked into it much. I'm not sure that xsane can do what yu want, but it can scan images/text files and save them.

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