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    [SOLVED] [dd] Skip sector with dd

    I'm playing around with a script to verify that no changes have been made to my MBR/boot-section.

    I'm using dd to create files, and TrueCrypt to encrypt my entire system.
    First I make a copy of my MBR+partition table with the command:
    dd if=/dev/sda of=/tmp/mbr bs=512 count=1
    Well, that was the easy part. I'm reading an article about the "Evil Maid" attack on system encryption, that tells me that the Truecrypt unencrypted boot-sector is located at the first 63 sectors of /dev/sda/.

    Since I have just copied (and checked) the MBR, I'd want to exclude the first sector of 512 bytes from the next command.
    dd if=dev/sda of=tmp/boot bs=512 count=62 skip=1
    Will this command skip the first 512 bytes?

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    The answer is yes. 'bs=512' * 'skip=1' = 512 bytes or first sector.
    You did leave off the '/' after if=/.

    If 'bs=1024' with 'skip=1' then first 2 sectors would be skipped.

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    Oh yeah, I did.

    Thank you very much

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