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    Unable to preserve timestamps as ordinary user

    I have set up a FAT32 partition to be shared between my Windows 2000 and Fedora Core 2 installations. It is entered in /etc/fstab as /mnt/share, owned by root and a group called "share", of which my user account is a member. The "share" group has full access to /mnt/share.

    I first noticed this issue when copying photo image files from my home directory to the share, using konqueror. The timestamps were being lost in transit. I tried using cp, but I got an "operation not permitted" message - (referring to the timestamp operation) - for each file I tried to copy.

    I have since managed to perform the timestamp preservation operation as root, but then got a weird response to an ls in the target directory: the filenames showed red and flashing, and instead of file properties I saw just question marks. Remounting the share resulted in a correct response from ls, with timestamps intact.

    This is all far from ideal, and I can work none of it out. Please help.

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    Hhhhhmmmmm, very interesting, sorry but I have no clue, but your question solved one of my problems, sorry i can't help, let me se if GOOOOGLE has any good answers for you.

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